This extremely clean Shelby Cobra Replica was recently brought to me for some moderate to extensive paint correction. After a thorough waterless wash with Adams Waterless, this snake was ready for inspection.

All surfaces were closely inspected and tagged with blue 3M painters tape where more extensive correction was to be performed. Below are examples of the many defects that were visible with LED and flourescent lights.

This House Of Kolor black paint was a dream to work with as it leveled fabulously with the Meguiar’s MF Correction pad with D300. Each and every scratch and defect was meticulously chased and eliminated, the extra eyes helped alot!

The following step involved polishing with Meguiar’s M205 every square inch of this defect free black paint to its deepest and darkest shine. The LSP selected to top this perfect black paint off was Nanoskin’s Hydrophobic Paste Wax.

Engine and Interior also received some TLC to top make this detail complete

After completion the Shelby Cobra is inspected and every nook and cranny is inspected and wiped clean with Adams Detail Spray of any polish or compound from the correction

Outside with the Shelby Cobra for some completed photo’s the following day

Thank you for viewing this project  “Shelby Cobra” that we are proud to have detailed