The truth about Headlight Lens Restoration and how we charge for our services

Old school headlight lenses were composed of glass, today’s headlight lenses are constructed of “Poly carbonates” which are a particular group of thermoplastic polymers. This material is easily worked, molded, and thermo-formed; as such, these plastics are very widely used in the modern automotive industry. Polycarbonate is extremely strong, and has a high-impact and low-scratch resistance as well as high-transparency to visible light.

While polycarbonate headlights help reduce vehicle weight and withstand impact, oxidation and sunlight can dull the surface, turn it yellow or leave it cloudy and scratched. This means the light from the headlights is diffused and not focused correctly on the roadway, which limits visibility in the dark and in bad weather conditions. Not only can the driver of the vehicle not see the roadway, the vehicle also is also less visible to other cars. With the average age of vehicles on U.S. streets today approximately 10 years, the safety problem is growing.

Rain, snow, ice, fog and blizzard conditions can diminish visibility on the road and increase the everyday dangers of driving. Hazed or cloudy plastic headlights can reduce this visibility even further, making it very difficult to see not only in inclement weather but also on a clear night.

My 6-step headlight lens restoration service can 100% correct your impaired headlights and save you $$ hundreds of dollars. The average replacement light can cost anywhere between $400 – $1500 per lens, you do the math…give me a call today!


* Prices subject to overall condition and size of headlight lens. Porsche 996 lenses with chrome washer caps should be aware that caps must be removed for optimum results. Since the lenses are yellow or failing, many times these caps are also dry and brittle and may break upon removal. We are not responsible or to be held liable for this as we do try to be as careful as possible when we remove them.

* UV cured coating mentioned above renews plastic headlights clarity while improving vehicle and appearance. This UV cured coating technology provides superior durability. Coating cures quickly and its end results will increase light output by 200%.

* I also wrap lights after my lens restoration with “Invisible Bra” paint protection film for an additional fee. This film will permanently give your headlight lens restoration added protection, please inquire about this additional service.

I also offer training and certification of my Headlight Lens Restoration service and technique, if you are interested please contact me directly.