The future of paint protection is here!

Gtechniq Ceramic Paint Coatings

**Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings**

$495* / 2yr Coating + additional prep fee

$595*/ 3-5yr Coating + additional prep fee



SUV’s and larger vehicles slightly higher*

Not a sealant nor a wax, its “Ceramic Coating” today’s last step of protection for your vehicle. The benefits are second to none when you compare our Tio2/Sio2 Ceramic Coating application to your vehicles exterior surfaces, paint, trim, wheels (faces only, additional fee apply’s for barrels and calipers w/wheels off) and glass to others. This Nano Ceramic Coating is like yesterdays sealants on steroids, offering the best of all worlds for your vehicles surfaces that will last years not months when maintained properly.

Awesome when applied to your new vehicle after taking delivery and after a proper new vehicle prep here at Innovative Detailing. Also the perfect choice for that Sports Car, Exotic, Classic and or weekend getaway vehicle.

• 2-3 times glossier than conventional sealants or waxes
• Super Hydrophobic
• Scratch resistant properties help minimize clear coat damage
• Extended durability when maintained properly that can last from 2-5yrs depending on coating choice
• Ease of maintenance


• Please note that vehicle must have the paint corrected and polished for optical clarity before coating is applied.

• The benefits of this Ceramic Coating service are to insure the maximum protection of your investment, deliver the highest levels of gloss and a scratch resistance surface.