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Here are My Few Testimonials


I own a 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550 Sedan in Black on Black and was looking for a local, high quality mobile detailer in Orange County to correct a few scratches and swirls that I’ve picked up over the last 2 years. My main objectives were the following:
1. Correct a scar/scratch on the rear passenger side wheel well.
2. Correct some light scratches on the doors and deeper than average swirl marks/spider webbing on the C pillar.
3. Remove some paint over spray and hard water marks.
4. General exterior detail (clay, polish, wax)

I researched Yelp (naturally) and came across Innovative Detailing! I emailed Dave and he was very responsive. I took the car to his place on Thursday afternoon to have him examine the vehicle and provide and estimate. He was confident he could remove the scar, the scratches and the swirl marks with relative ease and no color sanding or serious repair. He took the time to answer all my questions and discuss the products he uses, which are very high quality and well-known name brands. He showed me some pics of an SLS 6.3L AMG that he recently done, and  I was sold.

We set my appointment for Friday afternoon. Dave said it would take 2 hours to complete and he would have three guys (including himself) work on it. I had them come over to my place and they arrived on time. They detailed the car, and allowed me to observe them doing their work and applying the products at each step and answering questions along the way.

These guys are awesome. Dave and his team have a 5-star level of customer service and courtesy, and of course quality of work! The car came out fantastic. It was done in the 2 hours as promised and the paint was renewed. All of my objectives were completed, thanks to Dave and his crew. The scratches were gone, the scar was gone, the paint over spray and spider webbing were gone. Being relatively new and always garaged, my vehicle still has a good amount of clear coat left and Dave’s team preserved that and built it back up.

Afterwards, he took the time to show me the 3 main areas I wanted to correct in the sunlight and explained to me what products I would need to maintain the car as well as service intervals. He did an excellent job and earned a well-deserved 5-star review. Highly recommended.

Stephen C

I tried to fix a paint chip on the hood of my car myself but only made the problem worse and I ended up with an ugly spot on my car that didn’t match the surrounding paint. I found Dave on Yelp and decided to give him a try. He will usually drive to you, but on this particular day, he was scheduled to be in Costa Mesa and couldn’t get away, so I drove to him. I lived close by, so no big deal.

Dave not only fixed my paint problem in no time, but he also showed me how very close I was to ruining the paint job on my car with my amateur attempt to fix things. He charged a very fair price and did a great job. I no longer have an ugly spot on my hood and I’ve learned to leave the auto detailing to the professionals from now on. Thanks, Dave!

Ker T. Long Beach, CA

Dave did an amazing*** A+ job on my car. My Z4 was completely crapped up by the detailer at my dealership on delivery, and it is a black car with its usual swirl marks, scratches etcetc. If anyone can work on a black car, Dave can. He is to the point, honest, and is just a pro at what he does. I did the highest level exterior paint correction and detailing package, and it was well worth it. He does not skip any steps, and goes at it until its completely perfect. He brings his helper too,  Scott, who was courteous, genuine and a super hard worker. Both of them worked on my car the entire* afternoon tirelessly. They are able to come to your home so you do not have to bring it to them whatsoever and be car-less or without a ride.

Their equipment set up is massive. Nothing I could have envisioned doing myself or have anyone else do. The results were immaculate, their technique flawless and I cannot recommend Innovative Detailing enough. It was well worth it, and if you are looking for the man, Dave is it.


Juls C. Irvine, CA

So I am looking through yelp for a mobile car wash thing who does motorscooters.  I see these folks and give a call.  Dave answers says he can’t do it this week he’s headed out town. No worries set it up for next week.  He says he’ll call early in the week to confirm, he didn’t.  DRAT! Thought it was gonna be a bad deal.

I WAS SOOOO WRONG. He showed up on the day and time we had agreed upon.  A few hours later and a few green backs lighter, my little scooter looks like it just rolled off the show room floor.  Let me be honest, I had neglected my bike and it showed.  When Dave and his son were done the neglected years were washed away.  He was quick, clean, professional and very knowledgeable.  The motorcycle looks new.  I can’t say enough about this company.  Thanks much guys, I love the way my bike looks thanks to you and your son.

Jon D. Irvine, CA