Driven hard and put away dirty this 2010 Subaru STI get a face lift.
This past Saturday I had the pleasure of detailing a 2010 Subaru STI that had been neglected for some time. With over 12ok miles on her, she was showing signs of neglect and wear..
This customer found us from on our online reviews and was willing to spend what it took to make this worked out Subie come back to life. Once a walk around was completed with my client the first thing I mentioned to him was his premature headlight lens failure. I told him that this detail would highly benefit from this additional service, which he then gladly accepted to have performed.
Here is a collage photo of the lenses before and after….more to come!

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West Coast Headlight Lens Restoration “Pro Level” training and certification clinic

Professional Level (HLR) Headlight Lens Restoration Workshop Training & Certification Clinic

When: Saturday January 12th, 2013 – REVISED DATE DUE TO HOLIDAY’S

Where: Innovative Detailing Studio

                2650 Walnut Ave Unit M

                Tustin, Ca. 92782


We will be serving lunch and beverages for this event

This unique HLR Clinic and certification will performed by David M. Sylican, Master Detailer and Headlight Lens Restoration Expert with over 26 years of hands on experience. With hundreds of lenses corrected and years of working with aftermarket coating manufactures, I have decided that it is time to teach my art of HLR to others.
Many of you have followed my Headlight Lens Restoration projects over the years and I appreciate the support and praise you have given me. With that said I have decided to pass this technique along to other  master detailer’s and tech’s so that together we can handle this epidemic and create a standard in this industry.

 Here is an outline of what my Headlight Lens training and certification clinic will cover:

  • Learn how to properly inspect and evaluate headlight lens damage and decay
  • Learn how to identify various defects and initial prep steps
  • Learn the proper types of d/a machines that can be used, electric and pneumatic to accomplish this trade
  • Learn where to start when resurfacing “Disc grade” and what to finish off with, low to high grits.
  • The importance of a dust and dirt free enviroment for quality finish
  • Why it is important to constantly wipe down the lens with a lens dryer and the need to always inspect your work before moving to the next step
  • Learn about various coating system options available, and train on my preferred method
  • Resurface and polish then seal – OTC systems
  • Wipe on coatings
  • Spray on UV cured coatings
  • Spray on and air cured coatings – Our preferred method that cures with air
  • Out of the car bench restoration versus on the car correction
  • Proper masking and vehicle covering techniques
  • How to correctly apply the UV coating, tips and techniques
  • Proper lens drying and curing techniques
  • Post HLR cleanup, quality control and inspection
  • Level 3 quality correction, leveling out orange peel, structure, fisheye and dust or dirt in the finish
  • Learn to polish lens to a perfect brilliant and crystal clear finish
  • Customer delivery and presentation with a warranty
  • Providing you customer with care tips and hints for longevity
 Training for the above class is priced below, keep in mind that the course is the same for all levels. The difference in the cost reflects the products and equipment that will come with that level package.
 *Increase your return of up to almost 10x ( each can of UV coating can generate up to $4000.00 per can based on a per light restoration fee of $100.00 min) on your initial investment with this very informative workshop and learn how to raise the bar on your HLR pricing*

*Pro-Level 1 training and certification, perfect starter kit- $450.00

  • 15 oz can of UV coating for 40 lenses/20 sets
  • Combo pack of Meguiar’s Uni-Grit 3″ resurfacing dics 320, 500, 800, 1000, 3000 grit
  • Lens Dryer
  • MF Towels

*Pro-Level 2 training and certification, the all you need kit- $650.00

  • 15 oz can of UV coating for 40 lenses/20 sets
  • Combo pack of Meguiar’s Uni-Grit 3″ resurfacing dics 320, 500, 800, 1000, 3000 grit
  • Lens Dryer
  • Griot’s 3″ 110V d/a
  • Heat Gun
  • 3″ Meguiar’s interface pad
  • 3″ Foam polishing pad
  • MF towels

*Pro-level 3 training and certification, Mega pro kit- $1995.00

  • 15 oz can of UV coating for 40 lenses/20 sets
  • Combo pack of Meguiar’s Uni-Grit 3″ resurfacing dics 320, 500, 800, 1000, 3000 grit
  • Lens Dryer
  • Heat Gun
  • Includes Nanoskin Evergreen twin engine/tank compressor @ 45db ( see photo below, compressor only other items not included)
  • 3″ pneumatic d/a
  • 3″ Meguiar’s Foam Interface pad
  •  3″ Foam polishing pad
  • MF Towels


When you complete this HLR training clinic you will leave with the knowledge necessary to confidently perform headlight lens restorations at the highest level. Provided after the clinic will be a fantastic “Certificate of Completion Diploma” which will set you bars above the rest. This will allow you to set a standard for your quality of work and provide the best work in the industry.

Stay tuned as more info and pics to be posted on this event, email or call me if you are interested.

Thank you



Registered Participants

1) Dave S.
2) Mitch H.
3) Addison G.  – Via web
4) Enrique S






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Shelby Cobra gets it’s bite back


This extremely clean Shelby Cobra Replica was recently brought to me for some moderate to extensive paint correction. After a thorough waterless wash with Adams Waterless, this snake was ready for inspection.

All surfaces were closely inspected and tagged with blue 3M painters tape where more extensive correction was to be performed. Below are examples of the many defects that were visible with LED and flourescent lights.

This House Of Kolor black paint was a dream to work with as it leveled fabulously with the Meguiar’s MF Correction pad with D300. Each and every scratch and defect was meticulously chased and eliminated, the extra eyes helped alot!

The following step involved polishing with Meguiar’s M205 every square inch of this defect free black paint to its deepest and darkest shine. The LSP selected to top this perfect black paint off was Nanoskin’s Hydrophobic Paste Wax.

Engine and Interior also received some TLC to top make this detail complete

After completion the Shelby Cobra is inspected and every nook and cranny is inspected and wiped clean with Adams Detail Spray of any polish or compound from the correction

Outside with the Shelby Cobra for some completed photo’s the following day

Thank you for viewing this project  “Shelby Cobra” that we are proud to have detailed

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Snake Charmer

2010 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 tamed

This stunning GT500 is one sweet ride, dropped off at my detailing studio for its Bi-annual paint inspection and enhancement detail.

At first glance the vehicle looked extremely nice, so the wash and prep began using Adams Car Shampoo and Reverse Osmosis water. Preferred choice of wash media as always is the Grout Sponge, so the wash and prep began

Engine bay was also spruced up a bit, although not extremely dirty it did lack that detailed look.

Air induction/K&N Air Filter gets wrapped for cleaning

Pre rinse, soap and final rinse stage

Engine bay cleaned and rubber/plastics treated

Fine grade Nanoskin Surface Prep towel with Adams Detail Spray

Visible damage induced by mitt washing and wipe downs when excessively dirty with a mist and wipe

 Meguairs MF Cutting pad with D300 followed up by M205 and Nanoskin Hydrophobic Paste Wax for the LSP

Some late night shots when the client picked up his vehicle

Thank for viewing my blog post, stay tuned for our next project.


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1966 Chevrolet Caprice early paint restoration detail before assembly

Vivid reflections










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