Excessive scratches and surface imperfections, this is the way to go.

The Gold – 3 Step Rotary Detail Package

Call for pricing, subject to a visual evaluation*

• Full service hand wash using reverse osmosis water and a Ph balanced automotive shampoo.
• Air blow drying of all surfaces and crevices.
•  Removal of all bonded above surface contaminants to include paint, glass, and plastic lenses using our specialized surface prep method mechanically and or chemically
• Measure painted panels with digital paint gauge meter for paint thickness evaluations.
• Rotary cut/polish (step 1) all surfaces to remove fine to moderate hairline scratches and most surface imperfections which will add depth and clarity to the paintwork (75%-80% of imperfection removal).
• Orbital polish (step 2) all surfaces to remove swirl marks and holograms which will add luster and maximize gloss.
• Orbital wax/seal (step 3) all surfaces using a premium wax or sealant to fully protect and maintain all surfaces.
• Clean and detail door, hood, and trunk jambs.
• Clean wheel face and barrels, polish and wax.
• Clean and detail brake calipers.
• Clean, degrease, and condition wheel wells.
• Clean, strip old tire dressings, and apply a rich conditioner to tires.
• Restore all black moldings, trim, and window seals.
• Clean, vacuum, and shampoo the complete interior and crevices using a ph balanced cleaner.
• Clean, vacuum, and shampoo all carpets and mats using a ph balanced cleaner.
• Condition all leather and vinyl surfaces.
• Clean and polish all glass, gauge clusters, radio and navigation screens.
• Clean and polish all interior wood or carbon fiber accents and trim.
• Eliminate interior odors without leaving an artificial smell.
• Additional fee’s apply for engine detailing.