Affordable insurance against chips, nicks and debris.

SunTek Ultra Invisbile Paint Protection Film for your vehicle

We are a SunTek Paint Protection Film dealer, proudly offering and installing SunTek Ultra self healing paint protection film. Also available in matte in which both come with a complete 10yr manufacturer’s limited warranty.

We also offer SunTek “Reaction” Paint Protection Film which provides 2-in-1 defense. SunTek Reaction is a completely reinvented product that merges the super hydrophobicity of ceramic coating with premium, self-healing paint protection film. This advanced two-in-one construction keeps your finish looking like it rarely sees the road, thanks to impressive protective benefits.

Reaction stands up head-on to flying gravel, salt, grit and more. It also has self-healing properties plus a noticeably clear finish with intense gloss and no orange peel appearance. This trailblazing PPF utilizes Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin system technology, trusted by OEMs for their own finishes.

Reaction is formidable defense against nature’s harshest elements too, with 25% more stain resistance than top brands. Acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, insects and dirt all wash effortlessly away from Reaction’s slick surface, leaving only envy-inducing shine behind.


Questions and answers about paint protection film:

Why Paint Protection Film (PPF) and what are the advantages..

A “Paint Protection Film” or “Clear Bra” is the only legitimate solution to the wear and tear that assaults every car on the road every time it’s on the road.  Rocks and rubbish jump off the road and damage the car.  Bugs hit the car, debris is everywhere, and the car begins to look old long before its time.  Road debris chips and scratches the car, and it doesn’t take but a few months before your car looks old and used.  In the past the only option to treat road debris was the old leather bras.  Anyone who has used this device knows that it does not protect the car well, and actually does more harm than good.  Dirt gets between the car and the leather bra, and soon the car is worse off than it was in the beginning.  The solution is clear.  The solution is SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film.


What is Paint Protection Film

Paint protective films (PPF’s), or clear bra’s, are the newest and most attractive form of paint protection for any new or used vehicle. These films are the surest way to protect your car from almost any type of road debris. They are also the best looking way to protect your car. And lets face it, the looks of a car are its appeal, there is nothing worse than progressive rock chips and nicks from flying gravel. SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film will ensure that the integrity of your car’s aesthetics are fully maintained–from its paint finish, to its sporty curves and lines–the car will still look clean and new. At Innovative Detailing, I use the highest quality Paint Protective Films in the industry- SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film. I provide vehicle kit designs using the latest TruCut software for virtually every make and model of car. We also have kits for motorhomes and motorcycles. Our film is 8 millimeters thick and protects against the most harmful debris on the road while maintaining its virtually invisible look.  The product is easily maintained.  It requires no special care.  It can be polished along with the rest of the car and will respond just the same.  The product is 99% transparent and contains special UV inhibitors that maintain the film’s quality.  The film will continue to shine without yellowing, cracking, or bubbling due to repeated and consistent sun exposure.  Moreover, the product will not cause paint to fade differently where the film is applied.  The product is applied with a powerful adhesive that keeps it from peeling back for over 7 years.  The product will not harm the car’s paint when removed or replaced.


I provide my clients with the highest degree of service complimented by premier installations in paint protection film,  matte paint wraps, and carbon fiber vinyl wraps. As the owner of Innovative Detailing, I install each project one at a time using the best most advanced paint protection film, tools and labor. In doing so my clients are confident they are getting the most experienced surface care expert available to install their paint protection film. We also offer custom installations where kits are unavailable when at all possible.


Try the latest Paint Protection Film simulator offered by SunTek by clicking on the link below. Select a vehicle category, determine the coverage area, specify your product, then preview how our film products could look, before you purchase. I can also assist you with additional coverage options not shown that will add to the protection that you have selected. You can download the file and view it, then forward it to me for an estimate to be generated so that we can get your vehicle protected.

Window Tint and Paint Protection Film Simulator | SunTek (


Bumper Coverage only – Starting at $895.00 – additional fee for lights and mirrors + $100.00

The Bumper Coverage only will fully wrap around your bumper and or front nose of the vehicle (Optional sensor delete where applicable), does not include hood or fenders.


Standard  Economy Kit – Starting at $1,495.00

The standard SunTek Ultra PPF kit offers an ample amount of protection for your frontal facing paint. Coverage area will include “Bikini Cut”: hood (20” – 24” of coverage), partial fenders (partial match hood), mirrors, headlights and complete front bumper.


Premium Kit – Starting at $2.295.00

The premium SunTek Ultra PPF kit gives the maximum amount of protection for your vehicle leaving no visible signs that anything has been installed. All edges will be wrapped, where possible,  and coverage area will include: complete hood, fenders from bumper extending to door edge, mirrors, headlights, and complete front bumper.


Innovative Ultra Kit – Starting at $2,995.00

This Innovative Ultra PPF kit is my best option for maximum coverage against gravel and stone damage for the most common impact areas. This kit gives you the maximum amount of protection for your vehicle leaving no visible signs that anything has been installed. All edges will be wrapped, where possible,  and coverage area will include: complete hood, fenders from bumper extending to door edge, mirrors, headlights, and complete front bumper. This kit also includes coverage for entire rocker panel surfaces along with rear bumper luggage area coverage.


Full Vehicle Coverage – Call for Quote

All painted surfaces are thoroughly covered and wrapped with paint protection film.


Prices above do not include any surface prep, paint correction and or polishing. It is always advisable that some level of surface prep be provided prior to wrapping. This will ensure that the areas to be covered are contamination and scratch free, polished to a rich gloss and then wrapped for protection.


Additional Glass and or Quartz coatings are available to add as a last step of protection on the paint protection film. For an additional fee, a SIO2 or TIO2 coating would be applied to all surfaces that have PPF, making it more hydrophobic, glossier and easier to maintain. Will last for 25-30 washes and should then be re applied, highly recommended.


Please call should you have additional questions or if your looking for custom coverage.

Optional coverage:
Door edges
Rear bumper trunk cargo strip