2010 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 tamed

This stunning GT500 is one sweet ride, dropped off at my detailing studio for its Bi-annual paint inspection and enhancement detail.

At first glance the vehicle looked extremely nice, so the wash and prep began using Adams Car Shampoo and Reverse Osmosis water. Preferred choice of wash media as always is the Grout Sponge, so the wash and prep began

Engine bay was also spruced up a bit, although not extremely dirty it did lack that detailed look.

Air induction/K&N Air Filter gets wrapped for cleaning

Pre rinse, soap and final rinse stage

Engine bay cleaned and rubber/plastics treated

Fine grade Nanoskin Surface Prep towel with Adams Detail Spray

Visible damage induced by mitt washing and wipe downs when excessively dirty with a mist and wipe

 Meguairs MF Cutting pad with D300 followed up by M205 and Nanoskin Hydrophobic Paste Wax for the LSP

Some late night shots when the client picked up his vehicle

Thank for viewing my blog post, stay tuned for our next project.